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Art & Performance

Visual aids assist in comprehending variety of data. Our curriculum so includes various performing arts – dance, art & music. Hidden talents are identified and then chiseled & given shape by our talented and experienced teachers.

Drawing and art work develops the gross motor skills and hand eye coordination indirectly improving decision making skills. Teachers guide their children to use imagination and capture the countless forms of life. Still life, different compositions, paper machie work etc. form a part of regular classes. Competitions and exhibitions are organized to showcase talents and celebrate accomplishments.

Dance was incorporated in educational curriculum as an activity to promote physical well being, flexibility, strength, coordination and gracefulness. With a desire to preserve our cultural heritage and promote fitness and healthy life style, dance classes are held every week. School programmes provide exposure & platform to the upcoming talents and the care and guidance of the dance teacher takes them ahead to follow their dreams. Bharatnatyam, semi classical, kathak , free style & contemporary dance forms are taught with enthusiasm. Aerobics is thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones.

Prayer songs, patriotic, inspirational & folk songs, bhajans etc form an integral part of our music classes. It helps to refine discipline & patience and boosts self esteem introducing them to their abilities. Musical education contributes to a child’s intellectual development and improves the math & pattern recognition skills.