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Behavioral Policy

We expect our students to take pride in their works, appearance and what they have accomplished. They must develop discipline and show courtesy towards all people in the school and community. Our constant endeavour is to realise this dream.

Students Must Students Must Not
Be regular & punctual. Bring electronic gadgets, valuables, C.D, magazines, sharp objects & cash.
Maintain 75% attendance. Use indecent/rough language or bully others.
Bring the diary to school daily. Damage school property or waste electricity and water.
Carry books & notebooks according to the timetable. Litter school premises and classrooms
Be responsible for incomplete and missed work. Get involved in arguments and fights.
Respect teachers & elders through courteous language & conduct. Be late in reporting to school and submission of work.
Converse in English in school premises, bus & during school trips. Take leave without prior written permission.
Maintain discipline in school & bus. Play /run in classrooms and corridors.
Care for school property. Bunk classes.
Switch off lights & fans when not in use.    

Areas of Concern Action to be Taken
Coming late to School (i) Verbal Warning
(ii) Parents informed
(iii) Parents called & student sent home
Damaging school property Fine imposed proportionate to the extent of damage
Bullying/ Aggressive behavior/ Using abusive language (i) Student counselled
(ii) Student's confession documented in school record
(iii) Parents informed
(iv) Suspension of student
Bunking classes/ moving in the corridors (i) Warning & extra assignment
(ii) Marked absent for the day
Defaulter at work (i) Verbal warning
(ii) Work to be completed by the end of the day
Untidy Classrooms Students to clean the classrooms
Physical appearance (Uniform, Hair cut) (i) Verbal warning
(ii) Parents informed
(iii) Debarred from attending Library/Games(Class VI- X)
(iv) Student sent home if warnings go unheeded