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Band Display @ SCS 28 October 2022

It was a privilege for Surendranath Centenary school to witness a spectacular Band Display by JAP 10 Hotwar Mahila Batallion on 28th October,2022. The team stole the show by their mesmerizing performance and enthralled the spectators including students and all staff members,. The band comprising 25 women played bagpipes and drums . They displayed various formations like Pyramid, butterfly etc.They were led by the bandmaster Ratan Bahadur. The dignitaries present on this occasion were DSP Sumangini Nag and DSP Taramani Baxla. DSP Sumangini Nag adressed the children highlighting the  importance of 21st October which is marked as Police Commemoration Day. The band display was to pay tribute to the martyrs and also to the soldiers who lost their lives in the year 2021-22 .

Principal Madam Samita Sinha said that this was an overwhelming performance and will remain forever in our memories to cherish in future. She praised and thanked them all for performing in Surendranath Centenary School.