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Indian Postal Day @ SCS 30 September 2019

Junior section of Surendranath Centenary School observed as Indian Postal Day on 30th September 2019, where the students of grade III to V were made aware about the importance of postal department. The activities which included were Classroom learning of Letter writing in English and study of means of communication (S.Sc) was also included. Students posted the letters written to their friends in the letter box made by them during celebration of Indian Postal Day. They also visited GPO Ranchi and dropped the letters and learned about the development in postal services. Children expressed their wishes and gratitude to the postal authorities with a handmade thank you card and a model of letter box.

Students were also grateful to the Sr. Postmaster Mr. S. K. Gupta for the initiative taken to display the philately exhibition in the school campus. It helped them to gain information about special and important events in history through stamps. At the end school Principal Mrs. Samita Sinha appreciated the work performed by the students, she said that in the age of electronic and technology the tradition of writing letters are fading away  and children must learn to write letters which will help then to think creatively.