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Conserve Water- An Awareness to Drive at SCS Ranchi 30 August 2019

A special assembly was conducted in the Junior Wing at Surendranath Centenary School on 30/08/2019. With the slogan ‘water is the creator and savior of life’ to make the children aware for water and its scarcity in future.

A skit entitled ‘Sajagta hi jeevan ka aadhar’ which highlighted the importance of saving water. The programme continued with a short interaction among the students which emphasized on using water sensibly while doing our daily chores. A lively song and dance added pace to the expression with ‘today wastage can be tomorrow’s shortage’.

The programme ended with ‘one child one plant campaign’ an enlightening speech, which was delivered by one of the students and the children joined hands to build a green future.

The Principal, Mrs. S.Sinha said that water is the desire need of the hour and each one should take it up on his ownself to conserve each precious drop of water.