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Tours & Excursions

The educational experiences which are not possible to be catered inside the school are given to the children through excursions. To break away from the routine and familiar regular terrain, trips & excursions provide students with a refresher that might make them more focused. Students go out with their teachers and friends and learn to take responsibilities and face the challenges of coping with different people and surroundings. To make learning interactive and to reinforce experiential & contextual learning, excursions are planned for the senior students giving them a time out of the class while still learning about the subject. Educational & fun trips in and around the city are also planned for the students of Junior Section. It provides opportunities for social interaction, builds sense of interdependence, instills appreciation for our culture and heritage and grows responsibility for environment.

The follow up of such trips like presentations, slide shows, interactive sessions add to the instilling of lessons garnered on the trips.